moflon slip rings

The Application of Slip Rings in Automation Field

    In large-scale factories, the automation devices like robots and manipulators are quite common now, and some of them have come into our every day life. Robot and manipulator belong to automatic machinery that operates under manual control or by pre-loaded programs. They are made to replace our human beings in the fields like manufacture industry, construction industry and where it is dangerous for human labor. Compared to human labor, robots are more flexible, effective and capable in some degree.We can enable the joint of robot to rotate freely in 360 degrees by using the slip rings, and this type of slip ring is called motion/signal rotating joint.

    In the slip rings made for automation devices, the number of ring line could reach 300. The types of the transmitted signals include: Ethernet signal, USB signal, RS485/422 signal, Canbus, servo control signal, encoder signal, strain foil and gauge signal, thermocouple signal and so on. This type of slip ring has the features of low PRM rate, a long serving life and easiness in maintenance, thus making it quite suitable for automatic equipments.

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