High-temperature resistance slip ring for food machinery

Date: 2016-05-30 12:00:43

      Simply put, high-temperature resistance slip ring is a conductive slip ring specifically designed to work at high temperatures. Usually the suitable service temperature of slip ring is -30 degrees to 80 degrees, but if the temperature goes out of that scope, the working life of the slip ring would be quickly reduced, or even worse, the slip ring would be damaged directly.


      MOFLON is specialized in producing the high-temperature resistance slip ring for many years. The housing material that MOFLON uses for this slip ring is heat resisting, the insulating material and brush material withstanding the high temperature also have been used, which could completely guarantee and assure the stability of the slip ring at high temperatures.


      As known to all, under the high temperature the insulation?performance, brush elasticity, operating life or even structure would possiblely change. When building the high-temperature slip ring, MOFLON electronic uses superior high-temperature material and meanwhile take heat conduction, heat radiation into consideration. MOFLON devotes to building the slip ring not only improving the heat endurance but also optimizing the heat dispersion, which ensures that the slip ring would work normally in the given environment.


1.Power, thermocouple signal can transfer within the same slip ring

2.High-reliable design, used in food, packaging, agricultural food processing industry

3.Food machinery

4.Packaging machinery

5.Automatic workbench Options

1.Wider range of temperature

2.Flange can be installed on both sides 3.Wire location is optional 4.Bore size can be customized

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