How Are Different Parts of The Slip Ring Affected By The Different Materials And How Can They Be Improved?

Date: 2019-01-03 16:51:49

      The slip rings are crucial parts of the automation system and many information systems. How a slip ring assembly is affected by the use of the curtain material is completely dependent on the properties of the materials used. There is a proper measurement for the different performance of the slip ring parts.

Let us look into the different parts of a slip ring




      The rotor or the rotatory part of a slip ring is comprised of conductive rings. These conductive rings can be made from any metal as long as they are conducive to electricity. But the performance depends on the quality of materials used. There are many metals that are highly reactive to acidic reactions and prone to corrosion due to friction. The use of these materials will lead to the wear of the conductive rings and cause internal vibrations and in worst case stop transmission due to the rings being stuck. The friction can be further reduced by the use polished surface of the slip rings so that the friction is less and use of materials that are non-reactive metals. To reduce the interference of the signals the conductive rings are insulated from each other by the help of insulating materials. If the insulating materials are not of proper quality the signals will interfere with each other cause the transmission to be discontinuous and face problems of cross connection.




      The stator or stationary part of the slip ring is the contact brushes which are generally made of carbon as carbon is a great conductor of electricity. But there is a drawback of using carbon as a contact brush. They are very prone to corrosion due to the friction of the brushes with the surface of the conductive rings. So the carbon contact brushes generate a lot of dust and debris in operation of the slip rings. This dust and debris further help in corrosion of the surface of the conductive rings and the carbon brushes. As mentioned above the dust and debris cause vibration, electrical noise and may hamper the operation by dislocating the internal parts and causing the slip rings to be stuck. Now there are new solutions available in the market these are advanced fiber brushes. These brushes are not prone to corrosion by friction or chemical reaction. Moreover, they are insulated from each other by the help of insulating material. The insulation used helps in reducing the noise ratio and the cross-connection of the electrical signals. The conductive rings are also provided with grooves to keep the brushes in place in case of external vibration and reduce the chances of cross connection.



      There are more and more industries which are conducting research and development programs on the electric slip ring to find a better solution and increase productivity. The increase in the use of slip ring has resulted in a change of the industrial sector from a hazardous environment to a healthy environment.

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