Advantages Of through Hole Slip Rings Over Conventional Slip Rings

Date: 2019-01-03 16:52:55

      As we know that the basic function of any slip ring is to allow flow of electric current or signal in a system that requires unrestrained or say 'rotatory' motion to a stationary part. A slip ring thus improves system performance by eliminating the need of complex network of wires dangling from movable joints to furnish the desired results.



      But neither every machine is the same, nor their parts, which requires rotation. The problem arises when the slip ring itself need to support the rotating shaft at one or either ends, or say, the rotating shaft needs to pass through the rings for further application. To our rescue comes a special type of slip ring called 'through hole slip rings' or 'through bore slip rings', about which we will talk in next section, along with what advantages it provides over the conventional slip rings.

Structural highlights of 'through hole slip rings'

      In general, the structure of a through hole slip ring includes housing, shaft, conducting rings, conductive brushes, lead wire, brush carrier and a few more things. The basic technical structure of a through hole slip ring include inner diameter, outer diameter, length, number of the rings, current, voltage, maximum speed, etc. The length and inner diameter of the slip ring are variable and can be customized owing to its area of application. Added to this, the circuit current can also be changed. It is also called hollow slip ring and the hole size can vary from 3mm to 30mm. It can work within the range of current starting from lowest and leading up to 20A, and the standard voltage is 0-600VAC/VDC.



Areas of application

      The main purpose of the bore slip ring is to support the motion of rotating shaft while allowing the rotation itself and transferring signals and current. In addition, the through bore slip ring can be combined with power, Ethernet, Profibus, USB, fiber optics and many more, thus having a variety of application in the industry.

      This type of slip rings can also come with IP65 or better protection to deal with damages against water and other fluids, hence making it more durable and cost efficient.

      The housing of the ring is generally made up of aluminum alloy, which makes the whole structure light and also has wear resistance, the brushes are also made with precious metals having low resistance for efficient transfer of signals or current. The conductive rings are made up of copper with surface plating treatment.



      All these highlights of a 'through hole slip ring' gives it a cutting-edge advantage over the conventional slips rings. The conventional slip rings also usually have carbon brushes that need time to timely replacement and the overall structure is also subjected to wears and tears with more pace in continuous usage.


      Since its invention, slip rings are doing a great service to the electrical and mechanical industry via their wide range of application With extensive research and development, the quality and range of functionality are also increasing day by day. The 'through hole slip ring' is the best example of this and solves much of the limitations posed by conventional slip rings just by an innovating design.

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