Choosing the Right Set of an Electrical Slip Ring

Date: 2019-01-03 16:54:04

      With the vast range of the slip ring technology that is currently available, the task of choosing the right set of the unit becomes tough. Now, when their are different types of a similar form of slip ring, the choice becomes even tougher.



      When we take into consideration an electrical slip ring as they are available with varying design pattern of the equipment at hand. They are available with changes in the components shape and sizes. For an instance, the diameter of the ring varies from an inch to feet. The diameter of the ring is the heart of the slip ring as it defines the conduction of electrical signals and further transmission.

Internal factors

      That are several internal factors which also forms a group of crucial determinants that effects the choice of a certain set of the electrical slip ring at hand. The major internal factors include resistance, voltage and flow of electrical current required in the system.



Electrical, voltage and resistance


The three factors namely - electrical signal, voltage and resistance, are all inter-dependent on each other in one way or the other.

      It all begins with the sliding contact mechanism of slip ring and brush. With the contact being established, the process of conducting electricity for the purpose of transmission begins but along with it, there is a certain level of friction that enters the system and hampers the entire transmission process of the signal.



      Now, with the electrical slip ring being used in several rotating equipment, the primary functionality of transmitting electrical signal gets disrupted with the introduction of friction. It must be noted that a certain level friction can be coped up with. But the modern equipment requires an amplified flow of electric current which induces friction that is way beyond the standards set by the slip ring manufacturer.

      Again, the flow of current not only gets hampered by the friction but also the level of voltage that is introduced from an external source, which is also crucial to get the equipment started. But, if there is any discrepancy in terms of the flow of the current, the entire process of starting the equipment fails to catch up with the rotational speed requirement. Thus, choosing the electrical slip ring, which is made of quality brushes, preferably carbon, must be incorporated. In such situations, there are several other parameters that make the process of choosing a slip ring simpler, but the internal factors top them all.

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