Which performance of slip ring needs to be taken seriously?

Date: 2016-05-31 13:55:58

      slip ring, as an essential part of automatic control system, directly affects the running stability of whole system, even the normal operation of whole system. So which performance of slip ring needs to be taken seriously Insulation Performance


      Insulation performance includes the insulation between rings, insulation between lead wires, insulation between rings and lead wires, insulation among rings, lead wires and housing. Obviously, good or bad insulation performance mainly depends on the internal insulation material of slip ring. Usually it requires up to 1000ohms. Anti-interference


      slip ring needs to transmit dozens of different signals, such as high-frequency AC, high-voltage AC, large-current AC, weak HVDC small signal, and so on. Due to the rings are close with each other, which would cause all kinds of interference in the process of signal transmission, even worse would cause the information distortion.


      For usual magnetic interference, we adopt electromagnetic shielding to reduce interference; for electrical interference, we employ electric field shield to reduce interference.

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