Some of the most common problems in the process of using the slip ring

Date: 2016-06-02 14:19:48

      In engineering design, slip ring is designed to solve the wire winding problem under rotating. So when choosing the slip ring, the electric and mechanism parameters of slip ring should meet the requirements of application. However, inevitably there are some problems that we will encounter in the process of using the slip ring.


      The problem might be the slip ring itself, or may be something has been overlooked during selecting the correct model, or probably the improper use of the slip ring by customer.


1) Rotate problem of slip ring 

      Generally, the standard slip ring does not possess the function of load-bearing. So when customers are using the slip ring, the overload and excessive shock would cause damage to the slip ring. Therefore, we should be informed when the operating environment has the requirement for weight-bearing and big shock.


2) slip ring Short Circuit

      When the slip ring is short-circuited after using a period of time, it means that the slip rings are getting near the end of their service life or the slip ring burns for overuse. Generally speaking, there are several reasons for the short of new slip rings.

      It maybe has some problems with internal insulation material or just short-circuited among wire brushes or just gets worn for wire jacket. This must be tested by method of exclusion.


3) Reaching the protection grade If the slip ring without the design of water proof and dust proof, has been working in the high-humidity or full-dust environment, which would penetrate the water or dust into the slip ring, and finally would get the slip ring break down. Thus, for those harsh working environment, the slip ring should be built with strict protection grade, which could guarantee the working life of the slip ring.

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