Which Performance of The Slip Ring Needs To Be Considered Important?

Date: 2019-01-09 16:59:11

      An electric slip ring affects the normal working and the stability of the whole system and forms an essential part of the automation system. So, the performance of the slip ring is to be taken seriously. But what is the most important parameter that needs to be considered for the proper performance of the device?



Performance consideration

      There are several performance based factors that need to be considered for the use and maintenance of the slip rings, some of them are mentioned below.


      Insulation performance means the ability of the insulating material in insulating the conductive rings, the wires, and the contact brushes. This helps to provides precision and efficiency in the transmission of the signals. Slip rings are used as a crucial part of many automatic devices and their efficiency in the transmission of the signals makes them an important part of the mechanical system. The insulation helps in insulating the signals from one another as they do not get mixed up and there is no cross connection. They also help in ensuring that there is no loss of data in the transmission.



Electrical noise

      There is a possibility of generating electrical noise during transmission due to the performance of a slip ring. This happens due corrosion of the internal parts of the slip ring. The slip rings are made of a stationary part and a rotatory part. The stationary part consists of contact brushes and the rotating part consists of conductive rings. In operation, the contact brushes rub against the rotating conductive rings to form a connection and this produces friction. This friction generates dust due to corrosion of the constant corrosion of the contact brushes and causes vibration and electrical noise. And in the worst case causes a displacement of the parts of the slip rings causing a stop in the transmission. This is reduced by the used of advanced fiber brushes as they are less prone to corrosion by friction or any chemical reactions. This reduces the noise ratio of the transmission.



The housing of the slip ring

      The slip ring assembly is also placed inside an aluminum alloyed housing and sealed to prevent it from coming in contact with outside materials and dust particles. This is done to prevent corrosion due to the entry of dust particles into the internals of the slip rings. They also prevent corrosion due to chemical reactions. The alloyed housing also shields the slip rings and the transmission going through it, from magnetic interference. Furthermore, an electrical field is employed so as to shield from magnetic interference in very advanced mechanisms. All this helps in reducing the magnetic interference of the signals and helps in providing a precise transmission.

      The slip rings are becoming more and more advanced and finding many more applications in various industries. Their extensive use has led to an increase in productivity and uniformity in the production in many industries. Slowly they are becoming useful in many households as well.

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