Advantages of Advanced Fiber Brushes Over Carbon Brushes

Date: 2019-01-09 16:57:03

      Through the process of research and development, there have been many improvements in the field of slip ring rotor. From high maintenance and low productivity, we have seen slip rings turn into customer friendly and high productivity devices.




Low Wear Rate

      The carbon contact brushes are very prone to wear due to constant friction of the carbon brushes against the surface of the conductive rings. Chemically carbon is also very reactive. This furthermore increases the chances of the brush brushes to be corroded due to a chemical reaction when in contact with any impurities or debris from the external environment. For all these reasons the wear rate of the carbon brushes increases and requires regular cleaning and greasing of the internal parts of the slip ring assembly. The cost of replacement of the corroded parts is also high.

      But in the case of the advanced fiber brushes the wear rate is highly minimized and is almost negligible. They are moreover inert to any chemical reactions making them no reactive to any corrosive chemicals or debris from the external environment. Thus, the cost of periodic maintenance is reduced and productivity is increased



Precise Transmission

      The carbon brushes are corroded easily, causing the debris leading to vibration of the internal parts and in worst case stopping of the slip ring rotor. This vibration leads to electrical noise and fails to provide a precise and continuous transmission. But the in the use of advanced fiber brushes the debris is negligible so all the causes of electrical noise are eliminated and the transmission is continuous and precise.


Switch between the usage of carbon brush, silver brush and fiber brush in wind turbine slip ring

      To cater to the rotational requirement of the wind turbines effectively the need for high a quality slip ring becomes innate. The quality of the slip rings is determined depending on the quality of the brush. In the past say a year or two ago, carbon brush slip ring were used but with time the use of carbon brush replaced by the advanced fiber-based brush. While another kind of brushes also has been used in the past for example silver brushes which have been far more useful than ordinary brushes. In Fact, it was the silver brushes that were initially replaced by carbon brushes but with a change in requirements, the fiber brush has in turn replaced by carbon brushes.



      The fiber brush based slip ring brings forth several advantages and one of them is high conductivity of signals, which is further transferred. Also, also part from the functionality factor the fiber brush based slip rings provides the value for money.


      Thus, considering the above advantages of fiber brush slip ring, it is would not be wrong to state the fiber brush slip rings has become an integral part of any assembly set up. It has superseded other kind of brushes and until the slip ring technology evolves further, we might see the more pronounced usage of fiber for its sheer cost-effectiveness, if not for anything else.

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