MPCB Series
2~12 Rings, 0~10A/ring
MPCB-PCB Slip Rings
  • •Moflon has built PCB slip rings,flat slip rings and flat disc electrical slip rings for over 30 years.
  • • MPCB series pcb slip ring is used for highly limited height space, extend transverse space that could satisfy the requirement of special space, typical characteristics are small height,large diameter
  • • Contact with precious metals which have high stability, low torque, low loss, maintenance-free,low electrical noise, long working characteristics, especially widely used in small space!
  • • Thickness of flat slip rings can up to 5.8mm
  • • Precious metals contact with high stability, high reliability
Part# Product ID(mm)Thickness(mm)Rings(circuits) Details
12.75.91-12 VIEW>>
25.45.91-12 VIEW>>
38.15.91-12 VIEW>>
505.91-12 VIEW>>

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