Slip Rings with A Large Diameter

Date: 2019-01-11 15:42:22

      The slip ring is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, which is designed and customized to fit in the requirement of the equipment. The size in terms of diameter is the most important factor which decides the application and performance level at a larger stage.


      Generally, slip ring with a smaller diameter preferred in the current times. But, here we will discuss the importance of large diameter slip ring. This is less discussed as it has been overshadowed by the presence of a miniature slip ring.



Large diameter slip ring


      The large diameter slip ring at the heart of the modern conductive rings play a key role in transmitting high and weak current signals, precision signal and finally, the voltage current.


      The diameter of the ring used in the large current slip ring is around 550 mm aided with a double cover and bearing structure to fit in the industrial standards.


      Such slip rings with diameter also bring into play several issues, at the initial stages of installation as there is an absence of matching bearing size. Another important factor which hinders the installation process is the cost associated with installation.



      Usually, the big bore bearing carries the huge price, and at the same time adding other elements like molding and cover endings just adds on to the cost incurred. This brings down the cost-effectiveness of the entire process, which is an essential aspect that lends credibility to the use of a slip ring.




Having established the low level of cost-effectiveness, it became to search for a solution where the large diameter of the slip ring is kept intact. The extensive effort put in by the research development team formed by slip ring manufacturer did arrive at a plausible solution for the above issue.

      In order eliminate the cost of bearing and cover, the slip ring manufacturers have designed a special set of slip ring which along having a large diameter is provided with a single bearing and an end covering form of structure.


      The aforementioned structure has been passed through a performance test by creating a replica of real-time working conditions. The stability and the efficiency of the equipment are kept intact irrespective of any kind of additions.


      The single set of bearing installed in the set up has been a design on the lines of slewing phenomenon. It can be described as an immediate reaction or response to the sudden introduction of a large current in the system, which categorically improves the responsiveness of the device at a faster rate.


The difference in the structure of separate slip ring and traditional slip ring



      The structure of the traditional slip ring does differ from the one which the slip ring manufacturer has engineered. For an instance, in the new form of a conductive ring, four separate blocks are placed at one end of the rotary bearing that supports the frame. This helps to ensure that the concentricity of the ring stays at 0.5 mm.

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