moflon slip rings

The slip ring contributes a great share in the robot

    With the time goes on, the industrial robots are getting closer and closer to our life. The industrial robots could replace the more and more expensive workforce. At the same time, they also could enhance the working efficiency and products quality. However, the industrial robots need to work with high speed rotating and the robots need to transmit the signal through high speed rotating. At this regard, the slip ring plays a very important role in transmitting the signal when the robots are rotating.

    The slip ring could provide different passages of electrical combination, such as video, control, sensor, power supply, Ethernet, etc. The slip ring could form a stable and reliable rotating system. Just installing the slip ring to the freely-rotating application of the robot, then it would provide the power energy for rotator. When the rotator is freely rotating, it could also perform other works or test for the working condition under rotating. For example, from the following technical parameter commonly used in industrial robots, we could clearly get to know that the slip ring plays a big role in the robots.


1. Theoretical speed 22000point/hour, actual speed 13500point/hour

2. Insert directing 0-360° increment is 1°

3. Lead span double spacing 2.5mm/5.0mm/7.5mm

4. Substrate size minimum 50mm*50mm, maximum 450mm*450mm

5. Component specification max height 23mm, max diameter 13mm

6. Component type capacitor, the transistor, LED lights, key switch, resistor, connectors, wire, potentiometers,fuse blocks, fuse, and other vertical Tape packaging materials

7. Material number 20 stand (recommend to use station number), optional (10-100 stand)

    Obviously, the slip ring has greatly contributed to the robotic efficiency, which also brought great benefit to our life. With the development of technology, reforming and improving techniques will be necessary. Thus it can be seen that the slip ring deserves a bouquet of orchids.

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