Understanding Electrical Slip Rings a Bit Better

Date: 2019-01-17 14:49:48

      The consistent use of the slip ring is something that we certainly cannot deny as in almost every industrial sphere we can sight the use of the same. Well, the use of a slip ring is not just limited to the industrial equipment, if we just expand our search horizon we can find various other fields where slip ring are put into use. Some of those fields include UAV equipment, wind turbine, satellites, robotics, and many more such exciting fields.



      Time and again, the slip ring manufacturer have proved their metal and has brought forward some of the best quality of slip rings, which performs seamlessly under harsh conditions. However, it has to be noted that things were not the same a few decades ago as the quality of slip rings were moderate. Also, the application of slip rings was limited and the fields in which they were applied made the operational process a shade more complex.



      One of the classic examples of the downside of using a conventional slip ring is witnessed in its application in wind turbines. The average slip ring which is devoid of modern technology cue simply proves to be ineffective in the long run, when used in wind turbines for two reasons. Firstly, the need for maintenance is too frequent, which adds to the cost and secondly, they fail to sync in with a harsh external condition which amplifies the chances of breakdown or a total halt of the system.


electrical slip ring a boon for wind turbines


      Now, at this point in time, we are well aware of the inefficiency of the conventional slip ring when it comes to its application. Having said that the power of modern slip ring technology in the form of the electrical slip ring has proved to immensely advantageous in wind turbines. They (electrical slip ring) possess the virtue of long-term operation along with the continuous flow of power and signal.


      The electrical slip ring is developed ideally keeping in mind the harsh condition under which it would operate in real time. Such kind of slip ring is made of quality materials and are configured accordingly. On top of that, the electrical slip ring undergoes a series of test phase during which the reliability of the device is duly checked. The use of such kind of slip rings largely reduces maintenance cost and downtime.



Customisation of the electrical slip ring

      The array of electrical slip ring is not just limited in its standard form they also include the option of customisation, which takes some minute but crucial flaws of slip rings in its standard form. The customised slip rings have an added advantage of getting in sync with the external condition as they are built to withstand high temperature, and adapt to the moisture and humidity, which sums up the importance of using electrical slip ring in wind turbines. It also explains the rise in demand for such slip rings which is being observed in recent times and with trends of advancement in progress, numbers relating to the demand is only going to rise from here.

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