Special signal transmission, such as Ethernet, USB, etc

Date: 2016-06-04 10:59:58

The signal transmission technology

MOFLON Company has specialized on the slip ring production for many years. The slip ring could transmit multiple signals, which could be integrated in the standard or customized products. Certainly, the same product also could integrate a variety of signals. This kind of slip ring could completely meet the requirements of all the performance indexes in the field.


      We confirm that the user can rest assured that the use of the slip rings.  General signals: Switch/controlling signal, RS485/232 signal, the common video signal, low frequency pulse signal, heat resistance signal, VGA signal, electromagnetic valve signal, Profibus signal, encoder signal, TTL level signal, PAL video signal, NTSC video signal, Canbus signal, and so on.


      Special signals: USB signal, Ethernet signal, 1394B signal, thermocouple signal, the SD-SDI signal, HD-SDI signal, such as intermediate frequency signal of the microwave signal spectrum.

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