How to choose high quality slip ring

Date: 2019-01-21 11:37:41

      While the use of slip rings is increasing day by day in modern day industries, a matter of fact is that the operators of all the industries where they are used should check all the specifications before purchasing them. Slip rings having high really high voltage come with the better capability and that's why it is very necessary to understand the voltage factor.



Tips for selecting appropriate Slip Rings

      It is crystal clear that one can face huge problems and confusions during the selection process of slip rings because there is a huge variety available in the market. No one has the idea of the ways through which you can get an ideal slip ring for your machines from a slip ring manufacturer. Here are some of the qualities of the best slip rings on which you need to give a check.


Voltage drop

      Voltage drop in these slip rings decides the way with which a voltage source supplies energy and then it is reduced further to electric currents through different elements in the machinery. It is obvious that some of the energy supplied would be dissipated and that's why there is the necessity of the perfect slip rings that have a perfect voltage drop that can be acquired only from reputed slip ring manufacturers.


Current density

      The electric current passed per unit cross-section area is referred to as a current density and it plays an important role in the machines. The circuit performance is strongly dependent on the current level designing that is mainly determined by the dimensions of conductors. High current densities can have undesirable effects and this is why slip rings should be purchased with the optimum amount of current density.





      One of the foremost qualities of a slip ring should be the temperature produced by it and this is the reason why you should always get the slip rings that can provide the right amount of temperature to your machinery. In case of high-speed functioning machines, high amount of temperature would be canceled with their power, but if you are getting slip rings for small packaging machines, then you should get only those that dissipate lower heat.

Rotational speed

      Why wouldn't the speed matter in slip rings? Speed is a characteristic which is checked by everyone in various technological systems. Slip rings can't remain behind than other machinery parts and this is the reason why they are available at different speeds.



Resistance variation

      Not every time, continuous current is required for every machine and this brings us to the fact that resistance in the slip ring technology is another very crucial quality on which you need to pay attention. Slip rings imparting low resistance can be used in huge packaging industries, but one requiring the low amount of current can get those with lower resistance variation in slip rings.

      So, these are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while getting slip rings for your industry or machinery. After reading these factors, you must have known the role played by them in the slip ring technology and in the process of purchasing slip rings with perfect qualities.

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