An Insight in To CT Scan Slip Rings

Date: 2019-02-12 14:46:36

      Since the initial stages of slip ring introduction, we have seen its increasing application in the core industrial process. For a long time, other fields like defense, marine, and communication were aloof of the slip ring application. Though it was just a matter of time as the years progressed, the expansion of slip ring application took galloping leaps. They are now used in defense, marine, communication, and various other fields. But, they were some startling application of slip ring, which included fields like amusement, space communication, and robotics. Another such application of slip ring, which is startling and intriguing at the same time is the medical field.



      The application of the conductive ring in the medical field has proliferated the range of slip ring applications. It also provides an understanding of the rampant advancement in technology, which we are currently witnessing. In fact, there are a special set of slip rings designed, especially, for medical equipment.


      The CT Scan slip ring is one such slip ring, which is a product of modern technological advancement. The CT scanners are the most crucial equipment in the medical field. It has varied functionality, which has grown over the years, which includes oncology, and cardiology. The increased range of functionality has brought forward an immediate requirement of high-quality slip ring assembly set up, which can transmit necessary signals to the medical equipment (CT scan). With the transmission of signals, high-quality imaging can be achieved, which would further help in proper diagnosis.


The challenges


      The inclusion of modern conductive ring in the form of CT scan slip ring helped in tackling a serious challenge, which is related to high-speed transmission. Generally, the issue with the transmission of a signal, in case of CT scan is to transmit the required signals from the rotating x-ray detector to a fixed computer, where the data is stored and analyzed. The transmission process must be of top-notch speed, and the integrity of the image signals should not be affected.


      Prior to the advent of the CT scan slip ring, the transmission process was carried out using the orthodox set of the slip ring, but considering the shortcomings, which surfaced over time, it was replaced by modern slip ring. One of the crucial factors that renders the orthodox slip ring ineffective is the requirement of an increased rate of data transmission.



Advantages of CT Scan slip ring


      The advantages of CT scan slip ring are quite similar to any kind of modern slip ring. It is made up of high-quality contact material along with an added layer of coating which helps in preventing corrosion. Further, the brush setup used in such a slip ring is made of high-quality materials, which reduces the rate of wear, and minimizes the level of friction in the setup. It is quite a crucial factor as the friction can lead other internal issues which can easily hinder the functionality of the equipment at hand.

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