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The impact of slip rings transmission on high-temperature, high-speed

The slip ring obtains a very wide range of applications in various industries, role in that the signal and the current transmission of rotating part and the fixed part of the device. It mainly consists of several parts of a ring body of many metal ring roads, the electrical brush which contact with the ring body, the bracket which plat a fixing role, and the jacket which play a protective role. The ring body formed by two ways of dispensing and laminated pressed, in the surface of the wire of the metal rings and the electrical brushes are often do the quality plating surface treatment and coating are precious metals, mainly to satisfy the slip ring`s requirements of good electrical conductivity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and others.

Due to the wide range of application areas of the slip ring, many of which are high-tech, high demand areas, often need to work continuously at high temperatures, vibration, and high-speed rotation conditions, thus put forward high request for the performance of the high temperature slip ring, and must to prove the work reliability of the slip ring under special circumstances through a series of experiments. Can through different tests of the high-speed slip ring under all kinds of temperature and speed in a vacuum state, to look at the change of the temperature and speed lead to the changes of the transmitted voltage signal and the signal-to-noise ratio. The experiments show that, under vacuum condition, increasing the speed and elevated temperature will result in a voltage signal-to-noise ratio becomes large, but even if the temperature rises to 100 degrees, the rotational speed is increased to 1.2 m / sec, the signal-to-noise still greater than the 278/1, so we can come to a conclusion, the impact of the slip ring`s temperature and rotate speed for signal transmission is not big, could basically meet the same environment application.
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