slip ring material for environment

    What kinds of factor decide the insulate component? this is very important to all kinds of electric ,on the one hand ,the function of insulation depend on the features of material ,this functions are always called internal insulation ,they are affected by features of material ,The degree of burn-in ,containing water and so on .on the other hand ,the functions are affected by the temperature of environment and the humidity and so on .during using slip rings ,its very important for internal insulation and outer insulation ,certainly we should pay attention to it during productive process.

    Insulation strength depends on the capacity of insulation component and the material of insulation ,for the insulation ,the more insulation, the more better ,what`s more, the more big the more better .the slip ring insulation are very important function . we assess the intension of anti-voltage by testing equipmentswhen voltage surpass the limit ,the insulation was punctured and lose the function of insulation .then the voltage is intension of anti-pressurization we will test the anti-pressurization and puncture according to the different kinds of insulate components .the test of anti-pressurization are aim to particular voltage ,they are fine if can passed .while the test of puncture must add the voltage and the impact of surge constantly whats more we should test it by wave shape which its including the test of alternating current and the direct current and the impact of surge ,when slip rings are in operate which they should delivery the different kinds of voltage ,so the test are extremely important for slip rings.

    Outer insulation also including the phenomenon of discharge and puncture when solid insulation contact with air, which is called arcing-over. We test them under the condition of dry-state ,humility-state and dirty-state ,the consequence is that the intension of humility-state is inferior to the dry state .it shows that we not only consider the function of slip ring material and quality when we design insulate component ,but also we should improve the environment.

    In application of the insulation material, in order to avoid damage insulation during using it ,we will control to minimize thickness according to specications of material. the intension are different for every product,during designing slip rings ,it usually up to 1000V@50HZSo we design according to the protection class customer required to enhance the slip rings outer insulation.

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