moflon slip rings

MOFLON's 6 Channel Fiber Slip Ring Applied to German Auto Equipments

MOFLON established long-term relationship with domestic and abroad high end equipment companies,our signal/electric slip ring well solved the data transmission between the rotary joint and system component.Recently,Moflon's MFO600 was used to develop a new equipment for a foreign automatic manufacturer,it has provided the best solution for multi-channel high speed communication of the rotary equipment.

MOFLON's fiber slip ring with 6 channels multiple mode


MOFLON's combined slip ring with 6 channels optic fiber and electric


Moflon's optic combined slip ring with 6 channels

Incomparable advantages of fiber optic slip ring:

  1. More durable in severe environment condition
  2. No-contact,non-friction,longer life time,max to 10 millions revs.(100 millions revs.for single mode)
  3. Multi channel combined multiple signal-video,network data
  4. An-electromagnetic  interference,support remote transmission for networking application
  5. .Smallest single mode fiber optic rotary joint,4/5/10 or more channels are available

Our Fiber Optic slip rings are widely applied in R&D of automatic equipment.

This photo shows the high-end autonomous robot adopts the fiber optic slip ring to accomplish high-speed &instant communication.


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