Moflon Slip Rings Successful Applied in Suction Dredge

Date: 2017-03-21 14:46:47

      Suction dredge generally can be divided into rotary suction dredge (round treating pond) and travelling mud sucker and scraper (square treating pond), which is used for sewage treatment plant and horizontal flow sedimentation tank of waterworks. The working principle of suction dredge is that it scrapes the sludge settling in the bottom pond to pumping suction mouth and brings the mud out while operating with pumping.

      Usually, electricity collection devices are needed to be used on center support for power supply. In the past, carbon brush slip rings are used by most people. Nowadays electric slip rings are widely applied to all walks of life. moflon slip rings stand out in comparison with the others. slip rings designed from MOFLON have many advantages, such as small in shape, high reliability, maintain free for its lifetime and customizable IP68 protection grade for waterproof and dustproof. So moflon slip rings are greatly welcomed by many suction dredge manufacturers.

  Rotary Suction Dredge


  Suction Dredge Structural Drawing


 MOFLON Slip Ring is Being Used in Suction Dredge


MOFLON MT012 series slip ring: small in shape, light in weight, high reliability, maintain free for its lifetime.


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