Moflon Multi-passages Pneumatic Hybrid Slip Ring for Turntable

Date: 2017-03-31 16:34:07

 With automatic processing equipment become intelligent and  high-end ,their functional requirements are getting higher and higher, pneumatic hybrid slip ring are widely supplied to all kinds of automatic turntable. It connects with pneumatic hybrid slip ring which provides compressed media:Air,cooling water,oil,etc.,also transmit power and signal for elements of electrical part,hence greatly improved rotational freedom and production efficiency for equipment.

Recently,a intelligent device company customized Moflon pneumatic hybrid slip ring: MAPH1200-02-S12which used for installing in the middle of turntable and provides compressed air and communicating function through 12 passages for the 6 stations on the turntable.

Installation sitepart no. MAPH1200-02-S12

MOFLON have variety of pneumatic hybrid slip ring,can be customized on requests.

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