Moflon Slip Ring Applied to the Full-automatic Paper Winding Machine

Date: 2017-04-04 15:02:26

      The fully-automatic paper winding machine is a set of equipment that depend on the roll paper roller 'own weight and the rotation of the cold cylinder friction to drive the paper from the reel to carry out the Uniform winding of the paper, so the paper winding machine makes the paper more uniform and satisfies the need for a different paper, the internal control of the reel machine needs to use a conductive slip ring or gas-electric slip ring



Roll production line automatic equipment




       MOFLON through bore conductive slip ring used in roller paper equipment Through the use of MOFLON company's MT series through bore slip ring,can be achieved continuous power supply and communication for device on rotating part.Such as Servo motor,solenoid valve,Encoder signal and etc.moflon slip ring can be customized according to customer requirements and more options:More roads choice (1-96 Road),optional connector and heat shrinkable tube;lead length;Shielded cable;Hybrid high rate data transmission(Ethernet transmission, USB, Profibus);signal,Coaxial cable;Mixed signal thermocouple;Shockproof,High temperature and other ;special environment;pressure,Hydraulic mixing;High temperature up to 250 degrees ,high pressure,large current customization (1000A, 10 thousand volts); military grade.

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slip ring industry depends on economic situations

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