slip ring for high-speed ball

    Application of the slip ring on the high-speed ball:
    With the high-speed development of the electronic and information technology, the Internet, and communications in recent years, various video products has been in-depth developed, products like mobile video, computer video, monitor video system, etc. has been widely used. High-speed ball is recently the most popular video product, high-speed ball is a kind of high-tech product set of optical, mechanical, electronic, network, and other disciplines, it can freely rotate fast stable definition camera, of course, can not be separated from the slip ring, the slip ring provide stable transmission of the image signal and motor power ring to its free rotation, the quality of the camera affected by the high-speed ball camera hardware and precision motor structure on the one hand, but also by the effect of the slip ring`s transmission. The slip rings applied to high-speed ball requires effective and strong anti-interference performance.

    The slip ring need to meet the high performance of the high-speed ball:
    In the horizontal direction and the vertical direction of the high-speed ball with two progressive motor drivers, all motion instruction issued through the slip ring system on the high-speed ball by the microprocessor to control the operation of the motor to achieve. Motor plays a vital for the stability of the running high-speed ball, such as the preset point high-speed scan��the high-power low-speed capture, the enlarged pattern scan, auto-tracking, as well as a single point of accuracy all through precise control to the motor. As well as the camera screen image stabilization when in the control of the minimum speed is also an important indicator of measuring the quality of the high-speed ball. In the transmission process of these control information, holding signal transmission accuracy and stability is also very important. The high-speed ball also has intelligent recognition function, can be used to monitor lock, automatically tracking the direction of motion of the monitoring target, and record the entire moving process of monitoring target within the monitor range.

    The slip rings adapt to the new direction of the high-speed ball:
    The latest network high-speed ball developed rapidly, it combined the traditional high-speed ball with Internet information technology, to bring a new space for the development of high-speed ball. In the original basis, by increasing of image and voice module and network access module to achieve the image data, audio data and Internet interoperability purposes, and through high-speed ball itself to achieve intelligent tracking, wireless transmission functions. Such types of signals involved are very complex, requirements for anti-interference performance of the slip ring is very high, need to take full account of the anti-interference of the slip ring when designing. The general complex application environment requires 12-wires or 24-wires slip ring, some 36 wires or even higher requirements.
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