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Our company specially analyzed that customers should provide parameter of slip ring to us before they make a order, such as circuits, contact materials ,the length of wire, housing material, working speed ,work temperature ,working humidity , torque, and protection grade, specially for circuits ,a large number of customers didn`t asked this those questions when they enquired.only when was asked can they remembered that, purchase slip ring are different with other components, there are a lot of specifications standards and dimensions. To be more specific, slip ring is a customize components which including industrial standard and national customers should look at technical assistance of FAQ before make a order.

MOFLON,founded in USA on 1987. MOFLON`s slip rings having been successfully performing in commercial and industrial applications for over 30 years,performing in aerospace and military applications for over 20 years. Typical applications include camera systems, robotics, packaging machines, medical equipment and a wide range of automation systems,Recently ,we noticed that many customers are finding slip rings, but they didn`t know the specific applications and functions about slip rings, thus, it`s imperative explain this issue to make more and more customers understand the applications ,functions, matters need attentions and all kinds of parameters.what`s more ,our mission is make customers comprehensive know our products and get their really need products.

Now ,talking the do`s and don`ts before make a order ,it`s extremely necessary to describe your specific requirements and specifications to our engineers, as they are professional and enrich experiences in this field.when you speak your requirements, our customers will customized slip rings what you really need. The communication with engineers before you order can more easily understand model and features about slip rings ,meanwhile, there are different prices in terms of period of time ,if your order is made in rush hour, the price may a little bit high, therefore, it depends on your lead time.
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