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Design principles of fiber optic slip ring

As we all know, the design of multi-channel fiber optic slip ring has big differences in the structure and principles with the design of single-channel fiber optic slip ring. Multi-channel fiber optic slip ring mainly including the fiber optic slip rings of two-channel and more than two-channel, it is mainly transmit two-way and four-way fiber optic connectors, the design should be noted that, due to the range of the fiber`s diameter is very small, especially the single-mode fiber`s diameter is only 9 nm, so the design to maintain a degree of accuracy as well as quasi-heart, has a very challenging difficulty to the processing as well as the structure of the product. In the general cases, the multi-channel fiber optic slip rings are only made of the multimode optical line transmission channels.

The single-channel fiber optic slip ring can be divided into the single-mode and multi-mode, while the multi-channel fiber optic rotary joints can only lead to a multi-mode, then how to ensure the insertion loss, and the data transfer rate of the multi-channel FORJ. Two or more than two optical fibers need to do a 360-degree rotation when transmission and the optical fiber is not loss, so it is bound to join the lens to do series of steps including the optical path conversion, re-approved, zoom, positioning, and deposit fiber. The design of the structure is not too difficult; the difficulty is the machining accuracy and processing temperature on the influence of the material, so we must have an approval mechanism and approval equipment to fine-tune and approval the optical path, in order to achieve minimal insertion loss. An optimal structure of data transfer rate, multi-channel fiber optic is widely used, but due to the complexity of design and processing difficulties, resulting in the price is very expensive, and many industries and fields can not use the multi-channel fiber optic slip ring due to the exigencies of the budget.

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