Application of high frequency slip ring for high-frequency communication

    The high frequency development history is of more than one century, and has extensively used in the military field, has been playing a leading role in the field of wireless communications. Since this year, many countries of the world, especially the developed countries` vigorously development for the next-generation communication modes of satellite, optical fiber and others, because of the more stable, more efficient of the satellite and fiber-optic communication transmission. The development of the high-frequency communication obviously been hampered, and have gradually decline trend. However, the high-frequency as a means of communication is still very important for many areas, especially in the military field. Each year, many countries will regularly heavily invest and upgrade high-frequency systems on their ships, in-car communications and other military equipment, especially the United States spared no effort in this regard. It`s enough to see the importance of high-frequency in the military field. Thus the use of high-frequency slip ring in the high-frequency communications also has development value.

    The reason of why we are still using such inefficient, poor stability means of communication than the advanced communication of before, is because that some advantages of the high-frequency, can not be replaced so far. In the field of wireless communications, at present have several ways of satellite, high-frequency, meteor trail and troposcatter, etc. The stability, efficiency, popularity and coverage of signals transmitted by the satellite are unparalleled by the other means of communication in the current, which is why the countries are vigorously use satellites, but why it can not replace the high-frequency and several other means of communication? This is because the satellite communication need to use satellite for information transfer station, it is very useful in times of peace, but if there is a war, satellite is very likely to become the first target of the enemy, the satellite can easily become the primary target of the enemy, if too much in resistance to satellite as a single communication mode and development goals, will inevitable suffer heavy losses, and even lost the initiative in the coming war. Meteor trail and troposcatter, and also influenced by the shortcomings of transmission distance and site facilities volume are big, cost is high, not easy to move, so the limitation in the application is larger. Only the high-frequency, in terms of the transmission distance, motor performance, carrier-based, airborne, artificial burdened, and can adapt to a variety of complex conditions under war conditions. In various types of equipments, the high-frequency slip ring has also been vigorously applied.high frequency slip rings provide rotary joint program for a variety of frequency, to solve many complex transmission problems in the actual device applications.

    Thus, the high-frequency still has a lot of potential that can be tapped, especially in the military field, the requirements for high-frequency slip ring is also very high. At present the development of high-frequency is mainly in some unconventional new frequency-hopping spread spectrum communication system research. For example, the nowadays popular HF-ABCS system, with broadband high-frequency equipment can reach very good anti-jamming. It is a completely new system of computer-controlled, ABCS able to adapt to the current wartime information station for a variety of complex situations, it uses the mode of "to probe and then to pass" to take the initiative to avoid interference, and compatible with centralized stations, can achieve a one-to-many serial transmitter, on the one hand can concentrate the power, on the other hand, can not bring the electromagnetic interference between the information. Be greatly improved communication problems of some of the larger ships, can also save a lot of cost. It owned the wireless / wired quick docking is to adapt to the current requirements for communication. High-frequency slipring is bound to have a very large development space here.
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