Research for slip rings contact resistances

    In today`s automated, intelligent devices constant application in the production and life, usually encountered power, signal control and transmission problems in the operation and fixed parts of the equipment, if use the ordinary wire connected to the long-term work is bound to be twisted off, the use of slip rings perfectly solved this problem. On the installation methods, can mainly divided into through- hole slip ring and cap-style slip ring, and the through hole slip ring will usually get more extensive application in the field of some heavy industry.

    Performance of electrical aspects is an important indicator of measuring a slip ring`s performance; it is directly related to whether the slip ring can be used in a particular work environment, and the ability to meet the requirements of production and work in practical applications. The performance of the electrical aspects include: the contact resistance at the time of the stator and the rotor contact, called the contact resistance. Since the rotor is rotated, so the contact resistance is always fluctuates, the fluctuation value and the resistance value is smaller, the contact performance is better. This has a high requirement for the contact material, and the material must have good conductive performance; have good abrasion resistance to be able to not be worn in the case of long-rotation; when the over current rapid operating, one part from the heat and the arc burns generated by the over current, one part of the heat brought by the frictions, will lead to the high temperature of the ring body, so the temperature performance of the material to the slip ring is also very important; the metal material at high temperatures is more likely to be air oxidation, as well as special work environment, corrosive gases against contact materials requires good corrosion resistance of the contact materials. After a large number of experimental studies and practical applications drawn the conclusion, the ring body with brass works well, generally coupled with gold, silver and other precious metals to meet the basic needs of a variety of situations in reality. The brush wire use the brass plated palladium, can be obtained good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, and when the using requirement is not high can completely satisfy the requirements. Through a lot of experiments comparison we found that the various aspects of performance of the beryllium copper is good, particularly suitable for the requirement of the brush wire, so the beryllium copper is the material we often used, of course, it is better than the effect of brass, can be used in many of the cases those the brass could not satisfy. If when the brass and beryllium copper wire brush can not reach the performance requirements, you can choose gold nickel wire, however the gold nickel wire in terms of price is very high, generally only used in the very high performance requirements of the slip ring.

    Furthermore, in terms of structure, the metal-contact manner of the brush wire and the ring body is also very important. Brush wire is generally contact by cut point form, and is based on a single-point or multi-point form of contact, in the capsule slip rings usually use multi-point form to contact, multi-point contact using brush bundle, this can guarantee to through a more larger current, and the reliability of contact. The efficient contact between the brush wire and the metal ring is to maintain a certain pressure on the metal ring through the elasticity of the brush, when pressure is big, the contact resistance will reduce and small friction will increase, when pressure is small, the contact resistance will increase and small friction will reduce. Through a large number of experiments show that we generally maintained 10 Caledon the effect will be the best. The minimum contact resistance between the brush wire and the metal ring can reach 0.01 ohms.
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    Research for slip rings contact resistances


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