moflon slip rings

Slip ring is a precise connecting part with complex wiring

Technically, slip ring is a precise connecting part with complex wiring, serving as implementing power and signal transmission of the operating part and the fixed part. Because the transmission is in the period of rotation, the basic structure of slip ring is composed of a rotor and a stator. The rotor and the stator are connected by slip brush, and the contact point between the slip brush and the rotor is kept by the pressure of the stator`s elastic material.

The contact point between the rotor and the stator generally uses some precious metals such as gold and silver material and some high-performance alloy material, because slider materials must have low resistance, low friction coefficient, resistance to corrosion, etc. ethernet slip ring, if having too large resistance, may burn the slip ring due to overheating when the voltage on both ends is too large; If the coefficient of friction is too large, then the friction between stator and rotor would wear off the industrial slip ring soon so that affecting the service life. In the process of practical application, some work environments are so tough that it needs continuous work for years, so it has very high requirements for the materials of the slip brush.

Another feature of the slip ring is multi-channel, because in reality, single electrical brush or single signal to transfer is impossible; many complex power systems, control system, road power supplies, signals need to transfer together, which requires the slip ring must has respective channel. In the design of multiple pathways, insulation of each road and the shielding problems should be taken into consideration seriously; especially some models of high-pressure and multi-signal.

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