The advantages and disadvantages of MOFLON new type slip ring

    Wind turbines require reliable transmission of power and data signals from the nacelle to the control system for the rotary blades. MOFLON`s slip rings provide the performance and quality needed in demanding environments. Costly downtime is eliminated by using fiber brushes and robust mechanical components in the turbine slip ring design.

    In the installation of wind power slip ring process, make sure it sealed. Its always installed outside, so Waterproof is the most important, or it will influence the product safety, easily cause the product short circuit, and sometimes more serious consequences. In addition, please leave enough space for the rotary and not consider the fixed installation brush holder position, then the turbine slip ring will be more flexible and can improve the performance of the entire product.

    Slip ring is one of the important parts of the automation control system, and its performance is directly related to the stability of the whole system running, even normal operation. Then which functions of the slip ring need to pay attention to?First, the insulating properties, including the interlayer insulating between loops, wires, as well as between the loop and wire, and between the loop, wire and the shells. Of course the insulating is the bigger the better, but it depends on the insulating material inside the slip ring. Usually requires > 1000 megohms.

    We have discussed the function of the slip ring in detail before. In fact, their use in some certain areas also brings their application in those areas, so people named the sling according to their application area in order to remember easily.The heavier fan is poor in quality and not used widely, but the lighter fan can be used in the front of hall, conference center and other tourist area, it looks nice and the installation is very convenient, so its very favored by many customers.

    An alternative to a wind turbine split ring is a simple plug connector positioned at the bottom of the wind turbine mast.When the wires become excessively twisted it can be unplugged, untwisted and re-plugged in. However this can only be done when the wind turbine is not turning or in a sudden gust of wind it could speed up excessively and be damaged. Welding cable should be used since it is highly flexible and designed to carry high currents.

    As the support and guidance of policy, the development of wind power industry becomes more and more fast, and the great winner are and the wind power equipment manufacturer and related parts supplier. Therefore, as a supplier of through hole slip ring, we should grasp this opportunity to expand our business, do better job in talent training and technology improving, and create more preferable product for market.

    Wind Turbines are designed to rotate to face the wind and extract the maximum possible amount of power from it. With the wind often changing direction frequently this can lead to the that emerge from the wind turbine generator becoming twisted. Usually they will untwist themselves during periods of no wind, but if left tangled wires can be damaged and connections lost with potentially disastrous consequences. A Turbine Slip Ring is one elegant solution to that problem.

    Second, anti-interference performance, the slip ring need to transfer dozens of different types of signals, such as the high-frequency alternating current, high-voltage alternating current, high-current AC, weak DC small signals. Due to the close proximity between the rings, each kinds of interference is generated in the signal transmission process, and resulting in the distortion of transferred information. For general magnetic interference, we use electromagnetic shielding; for the electrical interference, we use the electric field shielding, and other ways to reduce the interference.

    Third, the contact resistance is the resistance between the contact of slip brush or the brush wire with a metal ring, if the resistance is too large, over currents cause slip ring fever, but also impact the effect of information transmission. We need to strict screening of the contact material. And require that there is smooth and no scar on the surface of the metal ring.

    Metal Fiber Brushes, which gain their name from the fact that they are electric brushes constructed of thousands of hair-fine silver alloy fibers running on their tips, offer significant improvement over carbon brushes and carbon-metallic brushes in both data and current transfer, offering extended brush and slipring service life of at least twice the service life of carbon and carbon�Cmetallic brushes, high current capacity of 250 amps/inch2, and significant decreases in acoustic and electrical noise at sliding speeds up to 70 meters/second. These long life electric brushes produce 80% less wear debris than solid brushes and require ZERO lubrication reducing the need for expensive maintenance and reducing the potential for short circuits and grounds. Metal Fiber Brushes, with their low spring force, are far less likely to damage the slip ring surface than carbon brushes or carbon-metallic brushes. Metal Fiber Brushes` silver alloy fiber offers significantly better service life and higher sliding speeds over gold wire technology at a considerable price advantage. HiPerCona MFB slip rings can be supplied as a form, fit, and function replacement to most existing slip ring designs, as demonstrated herein. Their long life, high reliability, and low maintenance make them ideal for wind turbine use.

    A slip ring is mounted on an insulated shaft with the electical connections from the wind turbine made to a conductive ring which is free to rotate. Brushes (contacts) are fixed in place (to which the batteries etc are connected) and remain in constant contact with the ring rubbing against it as it rotates. For example, the slip ring in wind power industry called wind power slip ring, the slip ring in high-frequency use called high-frequency slip ring, and so on. Now, lets talk about the wind turbine slip ring and its characteristics and application notes.We are really excited to be working with H&N Electric and the NAWSA group of companies to bring our Metal Fiber Brush technology to the wind power industry. Our new and remanufactured slip rings with long life electric brushes offer up to a five year maintenance interval (cleaning/inspection) and at least 200 million revolution Metal Fiber Brush service life.

    Wind power turbine slip ring, is used on the fan, and some of the capsule slip ring can also be named wind power slip ring because they are used on the fan, but it looks like a cap. Now wind power slip ring is strict with high quality, because the small wind turbine is very strict with the weight of whole machine, and it has been one of the elements to judge a fan in market. This over time leads to the brushes wearing down or becoming clogged with debris. Therefore it is essential that a low maintenance high quality slip ring is chosen. In order to reduce friction roller bearings are used within the slip ring assembly.

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