Understanding Fiber Brush Contact System

Date: 2018-10-16 17:59:22

      In the modern day and age, there are various kinds of slip rings that are being employed for the plain purpose of transmission of electric power and data signals from the rotor to the stator and vice versa.

      With changing times, the functionality aspects for the slip ring is not just limited to basic transmission of power and signal. The newer lot slip rings are used for fluid transfer and high-frequency data transfer. More recently, the electrical slip ring is applied in the equipment which requires continuous rotation like CCTV cameras or drones.

      Having said that, a slip ring is used as an essential element for transferring the data and the electrical signals. It is also important to note that such electric signal transfers are highly important and it brings to the front several key issues which need to be addressed.


      The transmission of the electric signal is hindered by two factors. Firstly, the kind of contact established between the slip rings and brushes and secondly, the level of voltage that flows through the system.


Properties of ideal slip ring contact material


      An ideal slip ring contact materials should possess certain basic properties, which would positively impact the application of slip ring. Some of the properties include resistance to wear and tear, high conductivity, less maintenance, long lifespan. Apart from the aforementioned properties, one of the key properties that the contact material should possess includes the potential to allow the flow of both high as well as low power signals.


Fiber brush technology and key elements that makes it suitable for use


      Now, the issues that the crop while transmitting the electrical signal is quite evident. So to counter these issues the slip ring suppliers have introduced new fiber brush technology that effectively complies with the set of requirements, which are necessary to be present in slip ring contact material.


      The newly designed fiber brush includes stacking of series of metal filaments confirm in order for form a condensed multi-fiber electrical contact setup. The newly formed carbon brushes have the properties of long life, wear and tear resistant and high current carrying capacity. This kind of fiber brushes are made up of noble and they are attached to the ring that is also plated with noble metal. The use of such metals helps to prevent oxidation and at the same, it prevents any kind of coating formed on the contact points of slip rings and brush. Also, the contact forces acting on the brush and rings are bearable enough so both the brush and brush sustains there a normal level of efficiency for a prolonged period.


      The reason for achieving a high conductivity rate for both electric and power signals is the multiple metal fibers that form a single unit. Also, they are less susceptible to external environmental factors like moisture and humidity due to the graphics power contacts. Finally, the aspect of reliability is enhanced under all conditions. Right from the high load pressure situation to a routine situation.

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