Analyzing Different Types of Slip Rings And Its Configuration

Date: 2018-10-24 20:24:42

      Slip-rings are a device which enables transmission of electricity and power form a structure which is stationary to a rotating one. So, it's basically an electromechanical component which makes the transmission of signals of all kinds possible. The most fundamental and important feature of slip-rings is that it makes the power and signal transmission less complex, which in turn improves the performance of the rotating devices, turbines, generators and many other objects that require energy.

Though the configurations of slip-rings are different from each other the basic specification depends on the following

The physical features and dimensions of the rings to be used for the arrangement of the brush and rings.

      The circuit type used in the slip ring will depend on the requirements of the electric current and the voltage that would flow through it.

      The work environment that the ring would be exposed to while in operation is also taken into account. The humidity, temperature, and vibration of the operating environment also affect the design of the slip-rings.

      Other than the specifications mentioned before which affect the design of the slip-rings, there are other factors as well, such as isolation of the circuits, weights of the assembly and other extra factors are also taken into consideration when assembling the slip-rings.

Different Slip Ring classifications

      Slip-rings can be categorized into several different types with respect to its advantages and applications such as a capsule slip ring, high current slip ring and usb slip ring. Some of the other slip which has revolutionized fields such as wind energy harnessing using turbine generators which include turbine slip ring. similarly, for satellite communication, we have high-frequency slip rings or the ethernet slip rings.


      Mercury slip-rings are used in making medical slip rings. The mercury slip-rings work the same way as the electrical once. The property of mercury is to transmit signals and electric current under normal temperature stay in liquid form as well. This property of mercury is taken advantage of in Mercury slip-rings. The positive features of this Mercury slip-rings are that it's easily installed, works better and faster than the other types and is more durable than the traditional slip rings.


      pancake slip rings are more commonly used in measuring tools, textile industries, and printing. Limited space in the height direction is achieved by the pancake slip ring. The conductors are arranged in concentric rings on a flat disk on a rotating shaft. This arrangement has great weight, volume and is more prone to wear so need more upkeep and maintenance.


      wireless slip rings are more often used in AC and generators. They do not depend on friction based brush contact type method. Instead, they use magnetic field created by coils placed in the rotating receiver and the transmitter which is stationary. They are resilient to the harsh environment and need less upkeep and maintenance.

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