Long Run and Maintenance Free Slip Rings

Date: 2018-10-25 19:07:56

      The slip ring is an electronic device that is responsible for the transmission of power from a stationary structure to a rotating structure. It can be used in the electromechanical system which requires the transferring of power supply or data signals while rotating. It helps simplify the system operation and improvement of the performance of it. It also handles any dangling wires from the movable joints from getting damaged.


      There are various uses of the slip ring on the basis of which the slip ring assembly is done. It moves the signal, data or power supply all around the slip ring with the help of a brush, which is a loaded contact finger, spring or ring. It acts as an intermediate that is the whole component that actually makes the slip ring work. The means upon which the data is transmitted while a rotating slip ring is set in place by a holder, these elements bring together the parts of the slip ring and completes the unit.

How slip ring is maintained:

      Depending on various type of the application of an electric slip rings, some maintenance would be required. It depends on the number of spins or the surrounding environment that slip ring is in.


      A large part of it does not require any regular maintenance. This includes the slip ring in used in a crane that will never get one million rotations as the slip ring in a wind turbine which has around millions per year. Basically, there is no high maintenance required in the performance of slip rings in crane unless there is any glitch. This can be fixed through the electrical cleaner by just spinning the ring. Failure may happen due to any of the lengthy phase of downtime in which the slip ring does not rotate. While the slip ring remains in an stationary position, it allows the corrosion caused by the brass.


      For the continuous rotation application like that in the wind turbines, the slip ring requires basic maintenance which prevents the damage or any malfunction in it. These require a maintenance routine to be performed once a year. The cleaning process of an assembly is simple, which is just removing any of the brush dust from an internal structure.


      This is done using a compressed air, a brush, and vacuum, or with both of these combinedly. It may take a very low time to remove any dust which can help prevent the issues while its performance, especially if the issue is caused in the communication circuits. Further, in the continuous rotations, it helps to remove the dust or chances of causing it, which can create a problem with power or data circuits and can provide a less interval for in cleaning.


Benefits of maintenance-free slip ring:

      The advantage of a maintenance-free slip rings is numerous. The maintenance of the slip ring would cause a huge cost and time which a industry might not be able to bear with. Hence, a long and durable slip ring that is provided with a heavy lubrication is the best slip rings that can save a lot of time for maintenance.

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