Electrical Slip Rings CBenefits and Configuration

Date: 2018-10-31 18:31:33

      A slip ring electrical component is defined as the electromechanical device that enables the transmission of electrical signal or current from some stationary unit to a rotating unit easily. The slip ring electrical units are also referred to as the rotary electrical joints, electric swivel or collector, and so more. The basic slip ring could be utilized in any given electromagnetic system requiring intermittent, unrestrained, or continuous rotation of the system during the transmission of data or power.

The Basic Configuration of the Slip Ring Electrical Unit

      When you are looking out for the configuration of the slip ring electrical unit, you can come across a wide range of standard as well as customizable designs & configurations of the slip rings. Each slip ring unit might have the presence of basic components or parts like:

      Ring: A typical ring assembly is responsible for providing one or more electrical circuit paths. Each slip ring tends to be electrically conductive and offers a distinct circuit path over the full range of 360-degrees of rotation of the given ring assembly.

      Connectors: The connectors are used for linking to the wiring of the given slip ring assembly. The connectors tend to be optional components, and are mostly specified by the customers.

      Leads: The input leads, as well as the output leads, are responsible for connecting the ring along with the brushes of the assembly to the outside or external world.


      Brushes: The brushes in the slip ring assembly provide a better electrical connection between the stationary parts and the rotating parts (mostly the ring) of the ring assembly. The brushes of the ring assembly are known to ride over the ring and are usually mounted in the given brush block assembly –mostly on the stationary unit.

Benefits of Using the Slip Ring Configuration

When you avail the services from the slip ring electrical unit, here are some of the major benefits you can expect out of the same:

Helps in improving the overall mechanical performance

Simplifies the overall system operation

Helps in eliminating the damage-prone wires that could be dangling from the movable joints

Different Types of Slip Rings

At present, you can come across a wide range of the different types of slip rings out there in the market. Some of the common ones include:

      Shaft Type Slip Ring: In this type of slip ring, the ring surface gets distributed evenly along the axial direction with the stacking up of several rings. The rings in this setup are insulated by the presence of an insulating sheet.


      Disk Type Slip Ring: This is a special type of slip ring that is involved in the process of resolving the rotating electrical conduction in a narrow dimension. One of the most striking characteristics of the disk type slip ring is that it is able to accommodate in a small-space population.

Ensure the best for different applications by making use of the high-end electrical slip rings.

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