An Insight into Slip Ring Collectors

Date: 2018-10-31 18:30:48

      The slip ring collectors are an essential element for any equipment as it makes the transfer of current from the stationary component to the rotating component possible. They are composed of rings attached with brushes. They are also used for transmission of current in the motors used in cranes and cable winders used in them.

      Various slip ring manufacturer who has been designing the slip ring collectors for a while now. The are various types of slip ring collectors that are used at present. But more recently, there are three new variations of rotating collectors that have sprung up. They are quite specifically used in construction lifting plants and industrial areas. As mentioned earlier, it is also present in motors used in the crane.

Need for slip ring collectors

      Most of the aforesaid equipment operate under harsh thermal conditions which entails a considerable shift in thermal conditions during the day and the night. Apart from the largely varying weather conditions, these equipment have to tackle certain environmental conditions like humidity, moisture, and dust.


      Now considering the physical anomalies in place, the components used in the requirements must be shielded against the adverse weather effects. They must be able to withstand the varying temperature conditions. Also, they (components) must possess the property of durability and reliability. The safety quotient of the components must duly be checked with in order to ensure safe control along with maximum operational safety in order to prevent to any kind of damages.


Types of slip ring collectors

      Generally, the units of slip ring collector are apt enough to transfer the 50-60Hz rating of electric current. Individual slip ring collectors have individual limits for transfer of current and you can choose them according to your needs.


10A slip ring collector

      They are generally used in the small jib cranes. Such type of slip rings come with 4 rings stacked together. According to the need of the equipment the user has the liberty to choose between the slip ring collector that has a driving slot or not and the same applies for the flange.


10A-30A slip ring collector

      A 10A-30A unit in some cases has a 30A line rings. In some of the situations, it can include both conventional 30A line ring along with 10A line ring. The number of stacked rings can be scaled up to 40 but not more than that.


The 50A slip ring collector

      The 50A slip ring collectors are stacked with a maximum of 16 rings. They are available both with and without protection. The protection aspect of the 50A collector consists of small downward outlets for the air to pass out and at the same time, the lower plate is also provided with few outlets for air to pass out in order to abstain from any kind of moisture accumulation.


      All of the above three forms of slip ring collectors pass the test to check their operational efficiency in the thermal range of -25 degrees to +70 degrees (in Celsius scale). Thus, the routine function of slip rings unit installed in a motor which is applied in the crane are carried out smoothly with varying temperature range.

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