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Dynamic resistance of slip ring?

Dynamic resistance of the slip ring is the dynamic contact resistance between the electric brush and ring body can be measured by Micro ohm Micro voltmeter table. It is normally a fluctuation value, mainly due to the defective on the surface of the metal ring of the slip ring or between the ring and the brush has the foreign body, the pressure is not enough, virtual contact causes, etc. Because the surface treatment can not be absolutely smooth, so the fluctuations value of the slip ring`s dynamic contact resistance can not be eliminated, generally requires that can not exceed 10 milliohms, minimum can be reached 1 milliohm. The fluctuations value of slip ring dynamic resistance will affect the slip ring`s signal transmission accuracy, so when purchasing the raw materials is necessary to strictly control the plating treatment of the metal ring surface, in production must carry strict requirements on the contact surface cleaning and the pressures of electric brush and metal slip ring. The pressure of the contact surface of the electric slip ring should be controlled between 10-15 GF.
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