Effect of Choice of Conductive Material And Structure Of Slip Ring On Its Lifespan

Date: 2018-11-15 18:17:32

      The use of a slip ring in the modern era has been repeatedly linked with more efficiency and less complexity. But, we often tend to overlook the linkage between maintenance and long life, which is why not only the slip ring productivity takes a hit. But at the same time, the slip ring service life is also reduced. Another common notion with the use of modern slip ring is that the need for maintenance is minimal for advanced slip ring, and even with low maintenance level the long life of slip ring can be sustained. However, this is not the case, maintenance is the key here for a long lifespan, an under-maintained slip ring won't go the journey even if it is equipped with the latest slip ring technology.


      Besides, the maintenance which has been harped about time and again is not the only essential factor which determines the service life of the slip ring. In Fact, there are several other factors which affect the life of a slip ring and some of them are not related to maintenance in any which ways. We will be discussing two of them today.

The structure of the slip ring

      Each kind of slip ring has its own design cue which serves a particular purpose, especially, in case of the customized slip ring. The installation of the slip ring is based on the structural space of the equipment at hand. Based on the above criteria the following list of slip ring which fits the situation best is installed. The list of slip rings includes - capsule slip ring. Slip ring, separate slip ring, through hole slip ring, and high-speed slip rings.


      Also. the physical design of the slip ring must be in sync with the structure of the equipment at hand for smooth operation for a considerable period of time. It is a continuous operation, which induces a certain level of wear and tear. It is obvious that in any kind of device there will a certain level of wear, but things get a bit tricky if both the side of the structural requirement are not in sync, then the level of wear tends to increase which in turn reduces the life of the slip ring


The type of conductive slip ring material used


      Apart from the wear which results from a wrong installation pattern, the choice of conductive slip ring material also has a considerable impact on determining the life of a slip ring. It has been earlier established that the transmission of the signal takes place when the slip ring and brush enter into a sliding contact. During the sliding, the contact along with transmission of signal a certain level of resistance creeps up in the system, which gradually increases with the prolonged operation. As a result, the level of resistance increases which in the long run can have a negative effect on the slip ring brushes, and thus the life of the slip ring is decreased.

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