Drawbacks Of Using Collector Slip Rings

Date: 2018-11-19 14:49:38

      In today's world electrical accessories have developed into a completely new form. With the product varieties, specification rich products, diverse structure, and characteristics, the products have shown a different era to mankind. Motor accessories feature- high-speed transmission, integration of digital transmission, reducing the volume of the products and lowering the cost of the production of the accessories.

Collecting slip rings

Collecting slip ring has a three-phase winding through the brush and the outer circuit. The

most common problem with this type of slip rings is:


1.The wear of the work surface of the rings and the brush in the slip rings.

2.The damage of the insulation material used in the slip rings.

3.Disruption of the physical setup of rings due to extremes of temperature in the operation of the slip rings.

4.Corrosion and cracking of the rings due to continuous operation without accounting for repair.

Reasons for the problems in the slip rings


.Use of plastic collector slip rings


      The plastic collector ring is plastic fiber 4330 phenolic pressed together into three copper rings this whole arrangement of rings is used in slip rings. Due to shrinkage in the plastics and cracks in the plastic during operation causes loosening of the rings and causes damage to the structure.


.Collector rings working at extremes of temperature


      There is poor contact in the brush and ring arrangement as the contact area in the arrangement is too small. When the current density is too large the contact is poor. There needs to be accurate pressure on the brush, if the pressure is too small or too large then there will be poor contact in the arrangement. And these will result in the temperature of the slip rings to be very high and loosen and damage the slip rings.


.Damage in the collector rings

      Now we take into account the induction motor. There are small windings of the wire in the induction brake motor. The general setup is made of two types of slip ring assembly units. One is the collector and the other is the conductive rings. There many different problems that occur in the arrangement or the assembly. The aging of the insulating sleeves causes in bead transmission or inaccuracy in transmission.

      The collecting rings loosen and can cause the assembly to be damaged internally and in turn reduce the lifespan of the structure. The loose collector rings are welded to keep the entire setup in place and this leads to poor contact through the slip ring and brush and overheating of the core structures.


      The brush box can also be displaced and this may result in mechanical damage to the internal parts of the machine and overheating of the parts and cause thermal damage. They are plastic collector rings and made of plastic fiber 4330 and since the plastic is brittle it cracks and causes the brush wears and fails the transmission. This leads to the breakdown between the conductive rings and damages the equipment.

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