Maintenance Aspect of Generator Slip Ring

Date: 2018-11-19 14:48:03

      In the large generating units, routine and regular maintenance of the slip ring is very important. This ensures that the equipment or device is kept in operating state, it ensures the operating efficiency of the product, it ensures the proper production and also ensures the safety of the units during production. In a slip ring unit, the most damage prone parts are the brushes. The brushes often pose more problem and are more prone to wear during the production cycle.

General Maintenance:

      Insulation defect detection needs to be performed on the slip ring and brush contact points and brush holders regularly. This is done to find out the existence of any resistance to insulation or degradation in the AC voltage insulation performance. The main reason for the long-term contamination of the surface of the insulating material is the oil spill and the dust generated by friction. This results in the decline of the performance of the insulating material and this, in turn, damages the slip rings and is difficult to remove.

      Maintenance of the brush holder members is very important. To track the use of the advance constant brush, the brush holder can be removed from part of the spring pressure, and the spring pressure can be adjusted too for the purpose of inspection. In the time of inspection, we need to keep in mind the abnormal state of fatigue and the loss of elasticity in the slip rings. This will cause poor contact of the stationary contacts with the rotating surfaces due to less pressure and may result in ignition phenomenon in then slip rings and damage the surface of the slip rings.

      Slip rings work at a temperature of 30-50 degrees, but when the temperature abnormalities occur, the parts of the slip ring may face defects. It is necessary to pay attention to the regular timely pattern of operation. There is a high requirement of the regular maintenance of the internal structures of the conductive slip rings. This ensures that there is no jamming in the rotation movement of the slip rings, as well as there is pollution of the insulating materials. Attention to every single detail should be given so that the variances can be measured with the normal values and the defects can be corrected, and the deficiencies of the maintenance can be eliminated to ensure the long life and stable operation of the equipment.

      As the industry grows, slip rings have increasingly become the subject of attention. The research and development projects are carried out constantly, to improve the performance of the product. Companies are competing against each other with technology-oriented development to specialize in high tech research and development of high end and quality slip rings. The top priorities have been product quality, improvement in slip ring technology employed, service and the interest and utility to consumers as a core of development.

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