The Reliability of Slip Ring Contact

Date: 2018-11-23 15:04:36

      In a slip ring, the most important part is the contact. First of all, the structural design of the slip rings ensures the reliability of the contacts. Secondly, it also ensures that the contacts run on the lines of the slip rings continuously. The slip ring assembly consists of a slip ring body, contact points made of precious metals, mounting braces to hold the contacts in place and several other important components like ball bearings, core, etc. The large part of the wear life of the slip rings is influenced by the design and the manufacturing process of the slip rings.

      Slip rings are used in precision machinery parts. The process of manufacture of the slip rings directly is responsible for the quality of the product. Experienced engineers will use some common principles for designing the slip rings to overcome the defects caused while the operation process. The designing of the slip rings and brush contacts are made in accordance with the work or environment they are supposed to be employed in. The role of the slip rings is to provide the ability of free 360-degree rotation while transmitting power and signals.


Factors affecting the reliability of a slip ring contacts:

      The Slip ring is a precision part of the machinery and each part of a slip ring has a very strict requirement in operation. So the quality of materials used in the product also plays a very important part in the reliability of the sip ring contacts. Such as materials used for contacts and the materials used as insulation. The materials used for insulation should be pressure resistant and leakage free.


.Properties of materials used

      Properties of materials used in the slip rings are also factors that influence the reliability of a slip ring contacts. The requirements are that the materials should have a good electrical property and less wear and corrosion. As many of these devices are used outdoors and in extremes of temperature, the slip rings would have to be operational 30-40 degrees below zero degrees in winter and in summer the ambient temperature may rise above 70-80 degrees. So, these factors should also be taken into consideration.

.The materials chosen for slip rings

      The materials chosen for slip rings are also based on the volts of current, the variety of signals and the process of insulation so that the signals do not interfere with each other. This is not easy as there are hundreds of communication lines and the designers need to choose the right contacts and insulation so as to provide a free transmission process without interference.

.The design, assembly, and inspection

      The design, assembly, and inspection after operation also affect the reliability of a slip ring contacts. The first is the design, it is made keeping in mind the environmental factors the rings will be operational in. The designs of the slip rings vary according to the use. Proper assembly by engineers and after operation inspection of the parts of the machinery by quality department personnel, minimizes the occurrence of errors and if there are any errors, they can be rectified and this contributes to the reliability of a slip ring contacts in the long run.

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