Factors Affecting Slip Rings Service Life

Date: 2018-11-23 15:10:23

      The overall structure of a slip ring is designed for the convenience of the customers. For the long lifespan or the service life of the slip rings, during installation better materials are used and as per the requirement. Engineers, while installing the device, take into account, the customer's specifications and the type of work that will be required to be done. These include types of rings to be used and the materials they are made of, different structure of slip rings like capsule slip ring, disc slip rings, separate slip rings or through hole slip rings. Customers can customize the slip rings according to their needs and requirements with different structures and materials and different combinations of different slip ring too.

slip ring assembly unit

      The completeness of the structure and the product design, correctness of the design and the analysis of the structure, provide a clear relationship between the assembly of the slip rings and the installation equipment used. It is to ensure the quality of the slip rings and to improve the service life of the assembly. The parameters in determining the use of slip rings reflect the overall performance of the slip rings and solve problems of wear and problem detection in a timely manner. The detection parameters include the appearance of the structure, normal life of the slip rings, resistance of the static contacts and the dynamic contacts, friction torque, and insulation resistance.

The combination of slip ring technology and external condition

      The slip ring technology used for the production of the slip rings have a great impact on the life of the slip rings. the reason being the slip ring technology allows inclusion for certain component which would make the slip ring potent enough to deal with the external condition. But in most of the times, the correct use of the slip rings determines the long service life of the slip rings. The use and maintenance of the slip rings inappropriate environment will give the slip rings a long service life but if neglected and kept in prolonged wetness, extremes of temperature and high pressure and corrosive environment will reduce the service life of the slip rings to a great extent. So, when in use the slip rings are placed in ventilation, away from extremes of temperature and pressure to avoid the unnecessary waste and facilitate normal operation.

Operating speed of the slip rings

      The slip rings do not themselves possess speed or torque but need mechanical equipment drive to operate. The working speed to all the slip rings is not the same just like the materials and the structure of the slip rings. The operating speed of the slip rings also determines the lifespan of the rings. The operating speed of the slip ring should not be greater than the set speed of the rings. If the operating speed of the slip rings is greater than the set limit, then there will be greater wear and heat due to friction and reduce the lifespan of the rings.

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