Five Factors Influencing the Service Life of Slip Rings

Date: 2016-03-15 11:49:10

1 Over-all Structure of slip rings

      For the convenience of customers to manipulate slip rings, the engineers, according to different device types, would design the slip rings with different structures. For instance, there are capsule slip rings, through bore slip rings, separated slip rings, pancake slip rings and so on.  Customers can choose different slip rings on their request. With the different structures of slip rings, the working life will also be different. It is worth mentioning that the slip rings remodeled from through bore slip rings would last much longer.

2 The Material of slip rings  

     As we all know, when slip rings are operating, various types of signals are transmitted by the friction between stator and rotor. So it is very important to select the material.In general, the sophisticated slip rings employ the multi-component alloy for the wire brushes. Such materials of wire brushes are chiefly characterized by good wear resistance, high conductivity and excellent insulation. For housing material, it adopts good aluminum alloy and high-quality stainless steel. They have the characteristics of strong intensity and remodeling.

3 Assembly Technology of slip rings

      Customized slip rings first need to keep the integrity and validity of the product drawings. At the same time, it is also very essential to analyze the assembly process and make clear the assembly relationship between slip rings and installation equipment, As for how to assembly, please see as below:

how to assembly slip rings from moflon company?

      Secondly, on the premise of the quality guarantee of slip rings, it is very crucial to improve the quality to achieve service life. Last but not least, test parameters for slip rings can better reflect the overall performance and problems, and those problems can be found and solved immediately. Detection parameters include the detection for product appearance, a normal service life, static contact resistance, dynamic contact resistance, dielectric strength and frication torque and so on.
4 Working Speed of slip rings

      The slip rings, with no speed in nature and with small torque, rotate by the driving of mechanical equipments. According to the working speed of equipments and the internal structures of slip rings, different types of slip rings have different rotating speed. When in use, the working speed of equipments cannot exceed the slip rings setting speed. Otherwise, it will influence the service life of slip rings. For different sizes of slip rings, the frication between circuits and wire brushes produces directly when in operation. Working in the same rotating speed, however, the corresponding line speed is different. The bigger the circuits are, the heavier the wear to slip rings will be. Relatively speaking, the bigger circuits will also reduce the service life of slip rings.

How to test slip ring life?

5 Working Environment of slip rings

Though admitting that the service life of slip rings has a close relationship with the production technology and materials of slip rings, the usage of slip rings in many times decides the working-life span. Generally speaking, a proper method of use and good maintenance for slip rings could make them work for five to ten years. On the contrary, if slip rings work in poor conditions such as wet condition, high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments for a long time, which would greatly cut the life span. Hence, when using slip rings, we should place slip rings in the open air and away from high temperature and high pressure, which can avoid unnecessary waste and keep the equipment operate normally.


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