Standard and Customized Slip Rings

Date: 2016-03-17 10:42:58

      A standard slip ring is, as the name implies, a universal slip ring. But many customers don’t know much about the standard slip rings. So they waste too much time on selecting the models of slip rings. Hence, I particularly give a brief introduction to the standard slip rings, and show how to select models, There are many choices for moflon standard slip rings, see as below:

Moflon Standard Slip Rings

      Before choosing the models, you must confirm the following information. What is the exact size of the slip ring? Do you require through bore? If yes, how much is the bore size? What’s the OD and length? What’s the working speed and temperature? We can select models through these parameters. If these parameters are out of range, you’d better contact customer service, and let the engineer deal with. The standard slips in each company rings are much the same.

      The common standard slip rings can be basically divided into capsule slip rings and through bore slip rings. Here I will introduce the standard slip rings. There are four the most common standard slip rings with through bore. The bore size can be 012(12.7mm), 025(25.4mm), 038(38.1mm) and 050(50mm). Then what’s the standard through bore slip rings Standard slip rings are slip rings which are produced without changing the internal structures. In generally, we often call the 1-24 circuits through bore slip rings with the same current standard slip rings.

      If the slip rings are specially designed for different currents, hybrid of power and signal, hybrid of power and pneumatic, more circuits or shorter length, then we call the slip rings nonstandard slip rings. Because we need to take the rank of circuits, signal shielding and the length into consideration, which decides the differences between standard slip rings and nonstandard slip rings. ? ? Some customers think that standard through bore slip rings are not their wants. So whether we can call this kind of slip rings nonstandard slip rings. Obviously, the answer is no. Because we tell the standard through bore slip rings from their internal structures. For instance, it is feasible to use bore size 025 for 020, or use bore size 025 to exit with wires in middle. It is also relatively standard make flange installation for slip rings, Most of time, we customize many different style of slip ring for special customized, see picture as below:

Customized Slip Rings


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