How To Maximize The Lifespan Of Slip Rings?

Date: 2018-12-05 13:48:58

      Just any other electrical device and component, even the slip ring is prone to natural wear and tear and depreciation over time and will have the performance deteriorate gradually. And just like in the car of the other electricals, the requirement of having a proper maintenance for the slip ring is indispensable and every slip ring manufacturer is aware of this fact.

      It has been seen that a lot of users have gone through the trouble of having to maintain and repair the slip rings at regular intervals. As a result, the mechanism starts to lose its shape and also the feature of being a very cost-effective component.



      Hence, in order to lose this aspect of not being very cost effective, there are a few ways with the help of which the can save a lot from the regular maintenance. The steps mostly include the installation, configuration, and maintenance.

Challenges with the configuration

      It won't be very wrong to say that most of the cases of slip rings, the configuration is not proper. This is due to the fact that in most cases, not a lot of attention is paid on getting the proper slip ring.



      Hence, the foremost case her is that due attention should be paid while configuring the slip ring. If the standard and normal configuration of slip ring are not complied with, the result may be a huge loss of signals and data on a continuous basis besides the reduction of the lifespan.

Challenges faced from improper maintenance

      The maintenance of the slip rings may be considered to be an easy task on the first outlook. However, things aren't as simple as they might seem to be. The absence of any proper scheduling of maintenance has been a result of the common notion that slip rings do not require maintenance. However, the fact that they require scheduled maintenance too, that too, in a proper way.

      This way, the entire slip ring assembly is hampered, given rise to reduced lifespan and high cost incurred.

      Generally, the engineers of the slip rings determine the maintenance requirement of slip rings based on the pattern of operation. However, this way of approach can only be half right in this present age of slip rings due to the requirement.



      Hence, the modern approach to the maintenance of slip rings is mainly chalked out at the time of the assembly and the operation and does not take only the actual operation into consideration.

How to resolve the issue?

      There are a few ways how the issues with slip rings can be resolved. These ways also help in increasing the average lifespan of slip rings while its operation. These ways mostly surround the fact that the glitches and technical errors during the configuration should be minimized greatly.

      It is also equally important to maintain a healthy gap between the scheduled maintenance, which should neither be too much nor too less. And finally, it is very important to use the most advanced form of slip rings for the most appropriate usages.

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