The Use Of Slip Ring In High-speed Data Transmission And Other Related Aspects

Date: 2018-12-06 15:48:32

      Since the inception of the slip ring, the graph for its application has seen an increasing trend. They are applied in a rotating system which requires a continuous transmission of different types of signals from the rotating to a stationary platform and vice-versa. Some of the major application of slip rings include - Marine, defense, packaging and satellite communication. Although there are various other fields of application, here we will be talking specifically about those types of equipment that requires data transmission.



      The application of the slip ring, for a long time, was just based on the transmission of power signals. But with time, as the modern line of equipment surfaced, the inevitable need to cater to the requirement of transmitting high-frequency data signals and electrical signal became the primary objective for various slip ring manufacturer. The initiation of formation of a research and development team by the slip ring manufacturer resulted in the introduction of a new variety of slip rings, like ethernet slip ring, electrical slip ring and hybrid slip ring.



Bandwidth parameter for attaining a high-performance level

      With the introduction of the newer forms of slip rings, there have been thoughts and researches put on drawing out the parameters under which slip ring based on data transmission must align with to ensure a higher level of performance. For some time now, there have been certain changes in the critical design pattern of such slip rings to make it simpler and efficient. In some of the modern equipment, the requirements relating to transmission does not end with data signal transmission as it also requires the transmission of high definition video signals. Further, we will be discussing the parameter under a certain set of slip rings that can attain a higher level of performance.

      The bandwidth parameter is a prelude to the data transmission capacity deviation. The deviation which we are referring to here is the difference between the bandwidth of the slip ring and the bandwidth requirements of the data signals that are to be transmitted. Thus, it is quite clear that the bandwidth parameter is one of the essential factors that determine the speed and the volume of digitals signals that would be transmitted through the slip ring.



      In order to fully understand how the bandwidth affects the performance aspect of a slip ring, we need to first know the meaning of the term of impedance.

      The term impedance refers to the resistance which the circuit offers to the current when a voltage is applied in the system. The hindrance in the transmission of data signals occurs due to the mismatch of the impedance between the transmission line and the ring and brush. To correct this mismatch of impedance, a slip ring a micro-strip line design technique has been implemented lately, which helps in minimizing the level of impedance mismatch.

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