Different Type Of Slip Ring Assemblies

Date: 2018-12-11 15:46:36

      The slip ring assemblies for long have been a decisive solution for all kind issues of rotary equipment used in industries owing to its rotatory movement. It is the inefficiency of the cables wires in transmitting signals that led to the modern form of the slip ring assembly which is known for its excellent designs and a compact shape.

      Further, the quality of components incorporated is simply unmatched, which goes to indicate the level of operational efficiency that users are going to derive from this setup. There is a different kind of slip ring assy and here we will discuss three of them, namely capsule assemblies, through bore assemblies and more recent, the platter style assemblies.



Capsule assemblies

      The capsule slip ring assembly is a solution to the problems of space constraint and installation hassle. Generally, when the slip ring is positioned at the center of the assembly rotation, it solves the of space constraint. Most of the miniature capsule assemblies are designed in a similar pattern to take the space constraint out of the equation.

      Also, these miniature assemblies are quite compact in itself and the problem of crosstalk remains as the potential flaw of this sort of design pattern. Nevertheless, the miniature slip ring assembly is becoming more relevant now and the users are willing to opt for such slip ring assembly pattern, in spite of the isolation of crosstalk.

      When it comes to transmission functionality, the capsule slip ring assembly is quite up to the task. They can be useful in transmitting all kind of signals, be it the usual power signals or something as fresh as data and video signal transmission. It is also important to note the entire transmission process carries on without hindering the rotational speed.



Thorough-bore Assemblies

      The through bore slip ring is yet another solution for equipment with space constraint upon installation. Also, such slip ring is specially designed to introduce a through bore for sub-assembly, assembly and shaft.

      The diameter of the slip ring employed plays a crucial part in determining the usefulness of a through bore slip ring assembly. As it goes, an increased diameter of the ring poses a strong case for matching impedance along with friction control. These are the two most crucial electrical factors that directly or indirectly affect the transmission quality.



Platter style assemblies

      Platter slip ring assemblies are the modern form of the slip ring assembly with some of the key components getting patented. It employs what is termed as a microstrip design in cohesiveness with platter form assembly. This new design technique increases bandwidth option for slip ring packaging.

      The inclusion of microstrip design not only improves the bandwidth in general but also make ways for an increase in bandwidth of such slip rings which requires a through bore. In this case too, the diameter effect on the bandwidth can be altered, but the jitter or friction control can be achieved.

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