Sliding Contact Integrity and Modern Slip Rings

Date: 2018-12-11 15:49:32

      The entire functionality of the slip ring is based on the transmission of signals. The process of transmission is dependent on the contact between the slip ring and the brush. However, the process is not as simple as it seems on the surface. There are several factors which determine the quality of transmission. Initially, it is the brush and the ring that needs to be properly fitted as per the set requirement.



      The kind of slip rings, which have been earlier used to transmit a certain kind of signal, has also moved ahead. It has much to do with the obvious slip ring technology development. There were new designs which surfaced along with time and each design was given a physical shape in the form a new type of slip ring. However, more-or-less the sliding contact mechanism remained the same.

Sliding contact mechanism and its integrity

      During the initial phase of transmission of any kind of signal, the ring or the commutators comes in contact with the brush. To be more precise, the brush rub against the external surface of the ring inducing the signals to be further transmitted through several contact point. Having stated how the sliding contact mechanism works, it is also important to highlight the fact that we have come a long way from establishing a contact mechanism, which could only transmit a low level of analog signals, to a place where the same contact mechanism is tweaked to transmit high-frequency data signals.



      The latest form of slip rings has managed to keep up the sliding contact integrity in an excellent manner. The very fact that transmission of signals with conventional slip ring had a negative effect on the sliding contact with factors like friction, heat and arcing.

      The problem of friction was quite evident with the orthodox set of slip rings. As the brush rubs against the external surface of the ring, the friction is introduced in the system, which to a certain extent, does not hinder the operational efficiency. But when the level of friction rises and disrupts the rotational pattern, that is where the sliding contact integrity comes under scrutiny.



Benefits of modern slip ring with reference to sliding contact integrity

      A modern lot of slip rings have quite effectively eliminated the flaws of the conventional slip ring. As mentioned earlier, it has ensured that the sliding contact mechanism is not disrupted by friction or heating. But what made these modern slip rings more effective to their older counterparts?

      Well, the obvious answer is modernization and up-gradation of a slip ring. But what does the term modernization of slip ring incorporate in a broader sense?

      The answer to the above question lies in the choice of component. For instance, elements, like brushes, were made of better quality materials. Further, the commutator rings are now gold plated. These two changes probably made the difference and this the answer which we were looking for earlier.

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