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MHF400 (4 Channel RF Rotary Joints)

MHF Series High Frequency/Coaxial/Waveguide Rotary Joint

MHF400 is one channel RF + electric combining high frequency rotary joint. High frequency + electric slip ring is specifically designed to support high-speed serial digital signals or analog signal transmission. It can support maximum transfer rate 40GHz. This series product can support single channel high frequency transmissions, also support high-frequency signal transmission combining with 24V control signal, communication signal, power supply and fluid media. High-frequency signal adopts 50Ωcharacteristic impedance RF coaxial connector. (other specified connectors are switchable, also Lead wire size are optional, such as RG178、RG316、RG174, etc.)

Standard series PART# Explanation:

Mechanical data(RF Rotary joints) Specifications
Working Life50Million Revs.Insertion Loss<0.5<0.5<0.5<0.5
Rotating Speed100RPMInsertion Loss Ripple<0.05<0.05<0.05<0.05
Working Temp.-30℃~80℃VSWR<1.3<1.3<1.3<1.3
Operating Humidity0~85% RHVSWR Ripple <0.05<0.05<0.05<0.05
Contact MaterialGold-GoldAverage Power50W15W15W15W
Housing Materialstainless steel
Protection gradeIP51

MHF400 - 4channel RF rotary joint part list
Part#RF ChannelFrquencyConnector Types