Slip Rings and The World of Robotics and Space Application

Date: 2018-12-18 14:16:24

      The list of modern slip ring application has grown over the years and the range of application has evolved from the industrial to gaming section. The increase in slip ring application has caught up pace with the introduction of new forms of such units.

      The different types of slip ring that are quite prominently used currently include electrical slip ring, high-speed slip ring, ethernet slip ring and usb slip ring.



      The application of slip ring in different fields gives an insight into the operational process. Most of the new form of conductive rings employ the latest slip ring technology which makes the operational process all the more effective.

Orthodox slip ring and carbon brush set up

      The general form of slip ring initially included the basic carbon brush set up. Such brush setup was apt enough to handle the transmission of the menial level of signals. The transmission of the process of such slip ring was based on the sliding contact mechanism between the slip ring and brush.



      The conductive ring rubs against the brush to induce a steady flow of current, which is further transmitted to separate components. The level of voltage that flows through the slip ring unit also determines the flow of current. The quality of the brush, somewhere down the line, has an impact on the flow of current in the unit.

      Some of the modern slip ring application as observed in the field of UAVs and drone camera and have a separate design pattern to transmit the current signals. Also, the application of slip ring in robotics clearly elucidates the point of latest slip ring technology evolving through the years. It clearly tackles the need for continuous current flow without much of a hassle.

Robotics and space application

      Another important application of slip ring in the field of space equipment and satellite communication. Such forms of signal transmission highlight the potential of the slip ring. For an instance, such slip ring has the ability to transmit all kind of signals - electrical, video, power and data signal.



      The entire process of transmission in both the robotics and space application requires the need for transmission of data signals. The data signals are further received through the slip ring and is transmitted to the main control unit, such signals contain a pocket of essential information, which is of immense importance in the operational process.

      The hybrid slip ring are the latest entrant in the ever-increasing range of slip rings. Such a slip ring is a combination of two different forms of the same. Usually, the hybrid slip rings are a combination of electrical and ethernet slip ring.

      The hybrid slip ring is generally incorporated in the space equipment and robotic because in both the case, the need for transmission of electrical signals, along with transmission of data signals, is important. Thus, moving forward, we might see the use of hybrid slip ring in more such fields.

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