Slip Ring Assembly in An Electrical Device

Date: 2018-12-19 16:36:28

      slip rings are those components any electrical device that need no introduction. They are the most appropriate electromechanical mechanism that is made to be able to transfer any type of signals, data or electrical power from one part to other. However, what makes this different from other wired connectors is the fact that the transfer of power takes place from a rotating part to a static part or visa versa.



      And after having a basic idea of the slip rings, it would be rather better and more appropriate to focus in the slip ring assembly. The slip ring assy is indeed a very crucial part of the entire structure as it is the key reason behind making the slip ring assembly more effective and functional in the front place.

      However, it is to be noted that the slip ring assembly may even include other supportive components to make things more efficient, especially depending on the type of equipment it is being used in.

What are principles on the working of a slip ring assembly?

      The entire assembly if the slip ring is what makes the component to be able to transfer the required signals, data and power through the parts that are stacked, including a contact brush. The rotator in the mechanism is kept in shape by a holder while the power is being transmitted.

The components of a slip ring assembly

      In general cases, the slip ring assembly varies with its required components and depends on the type of equipment it is being used in. The basic components of the functioning are the slip ring brush and spring.



      Moreover, in many cases, we find that the slip ring assembly is enclosed within a closed circuit. If so, the housing or casing of the entire setup also forms a primary component of the entire slip ring assembly.

      On this basis, there are two main types of slip ring assemblies, which are closed circuit setup and open setup. The open setup does not require any housing and is mostly used in a shaded area where the exposure to natural wear-and-tear is limited.



      On the other hand, an enclosed structure is used in the devices and appliances where the mechanism is exposed to the outer environment and the natural wear-and-tear due to the adverse conditions like moisture and corrosion.

Different types of closed circuit slip rings

      A closed circuit slip ring is normally used in setup on hazardous appliances and devices which are prone to high heat exposure and moisture. These enclosures are of four types, namely, swivel, revolving custom and wraparound.

      The extra parts for the enclosure of the slip rings are mainly high impact plastic case or brushed stainless steel. Few examples of such uses are dust seal gasket, heater strips and drive brackets. The enclosed type slip rings also use a separate component that is called Breather, which helps in reducing the level of condensation within the setup.

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