Slip Ring- The End of Search for a Transmission Device

Date: 2018-12-18 14:15:38

      Since the inception of rotating equipment, the need for transmission of power signals and other kind signals became a natural part of the operational process. Without the transmission of such signals, the rotating equipment would be of limited use.



      Now, considering the need for transmission of signals, the technical and innovative minds then began to search for an effective medium of a transmission. In the initial phase, the search for a transmission medium led to the introduction of cable wires. It definitely helped in the transmission of required signals to a certain extent, but there were several downsides that surfaced the to the scene.

Limitation of cable wires

      As mentioned, earlier the use of cable wires for transmission was beneficial only to a certain extent. There were potential flaws with the medium which led to such a situation. The list of flaws included complexity in the installation process, damage prone wires, and a high cost of procurement and installation.

      For the purpose of transmission, the cable wire had to be stacked together along long channels which made the process complex. Also, one of the facts that needs to be acknowledged here is that it was just the absence of any better option, which left no choice for the users than to persist with cable wires. Having said that, it almost became permeable that with the availability of any other medium of transmission would have triggered a switch from the cable wires almost instantaneously.

      The problem with cable wires was not just confined to complexity in installation procedure there were various other flaws with cable wires. For an instance, the thick cable wires are stacked together as one single unit. Thus, in case of any damage to a part of the wire would lead to a complete change in the whole stack wires.



Dwelling on the above point, we can easily infer that a completely replacing the entire stack of wire is certainly not adding up to the cause of sustaining a certain level of cost-effectiveness. Thus, cable wires have their own set of disadvantages and the need for a medium of transmission, led to the introduction of an electromechanical device which we today refer to as slip ring.

Slip ring the solution to the transmission issue

      In a bid to replace cable wires with an effective medium of transmission, the slip ring manufacturer came up with the new electromechanical device. It could help in transmitting the signal from the stationery to the rotating part.



      slip rings to a great deal have eliminated the drawbacks of cable wires due to simple design cue. Also, the incorporation of a less complex design has made the installation process hassle-free. Further, one of the important component of any slip ring assembly unit is the brush set up, the parts of which can be easily replaced contrary to the cable wires that needs a complete replacement in case of any part of the stacked wires being damaged, Thus, it is one of the most cost-effective methods of transmission.

Reference Parts# of Slip Rings as below:
Decide to Committed to security industry
Military Grade Slip Rings
MP340 series Pancake Slip Ring
hybrid slip ring applications in the field of automotive assembly
MHF108 series High Frequency/Coaxial/Waveguide Rotary Joints(optional+Electrical Slip Rings)
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